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Flex2 Keyboard failure,possibly controller

After a couple of years, the keyboard on my Flex2-14 i5-4210 seems to have stopped responding properly.

At startup, the keyboard initially responds, but then continually repeats the key pressed. This can sometimes be cancelled by pressing another key, which then also repeats. This also makes the touchpad impossible to use, and of course logon to Win10 is impossible!

I have tried:

- an external USB keyboard, but this is impossible to use as the built in one types all the time! Only exception is that if one does not touch the built-in keyboard from boot, the external one works fine until the first keypress on the internal one. Then back to a totally unuseable system with continuous key repeat. (see tempoaray fix below)

- a replacement keyboard, but this experiences the same behaviour.

- then I disconnected the built-in keyboard and used the external USB keyboard.

This works OK. AND the touchpad works fine too! But it's not exactly a portable or elegant solution.


It looks to me like the keyboard hardware interface on the motherboard is faulty, since the only way to avoid continuous keypresses is to not give the controller any input.

So, is the solution to replace the motherboard? This is neither cheap nor so easy, but is possible - Is there another way?

And if I do this, can I fit the i7-4510 version of board (might as well get an upgrade while I'm at it)?.


Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.


Note: We did have a previous issue (fixed under warranty) of the display overheating on the top edge (enough to distort the case and nearly burning little fingers). I don't want to have to deal with lenovo flex support again (they were absolutely terrible, poor communication ingernally & externally, slow, unhelpful, a real time waster even if eventually sorted out). I can't imagine they would be economic or helpful fixing this!


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