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Hello there, hope someone can help me.  After a windows 10 update I cannot access my ideapad100-151bd. Microsoft said that because the light upfront of the PC was on (Orange Color) that the problem was a harddrive failure. I cannot access the BIOS either cause the memory is full and I have documents I wanna saveguard. 



At this point I would like to upgrade the HardDrive, can somene educate me on what am I looking for when upgrading a harddrive? what makes it a better one? 



Does anyone knows how i can retreive the data of the old harddrive once I take it out?


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Re: HardDrive

Even if the HDD was bad, you should still be able to access the BIOS and normally the laptop would display a boot error if the HDD was the cause


A solid amber (orange) light normally means the battery has between 5% and 20% charge, while a blinking amber light means < 5%, so if it is flashing it may be your battery is dead, and/or AC adapter is not functioning.      


As far as accessing the old HDD, if it is still OK, you can purchase an enclosure for the drive such as this one, remove your old HDD and install your old HDD and install it into the enclosure, and then plug it into a USB port on another system and copy your data off, most of which will be in the \users\<your username> folder on the old drive under subfolders titled Document, Pictures, Music etc. 


Best of luck,

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