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Punch Card
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Home Network Connection

 In my home network I have a 2 years old Asus 17” laptop with Windows 8.1 and a 2 weeks old Lenovo Ideapad Flex5 with Windows10 Creators update and each has access to Internet / Email and on each one I can see on the File Explorer / Network directory the other laptop. I'm the only one using both. Network setup connection on both is “Turn on network discovery”


Obviously I know the passwords to open each laptop but when I use them for the network discovery it says user name or password incorrect.


Today I tried on Lenovo to access the Asus thru the Network directory on the File Explorer but it asked for “my credentials”. The same happens when I tried to access the Lenovo from the Asus.


What are the required credentials besides the passwords which I know them all?


I also tried on Lenovo to setup a homegroup but it asks to enter a password and writing the ones I know it says “password is incorrect”


How can I fix this problem?

Punch Card
Posts: 26
Registered: ‎07-25-2017
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Re: Home Network Connection

Sorry folks but I was able to connect the 2 laptops thru Homegroup

On the Asus I click on the Homegroup and it provided a password
Then on the Lenovo I click on the Homegroup and when it asked for the password I wrote the one I got from the Asus

It worked

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