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Paper Tape
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How to stop charge when conected

Hello, I've just bought a new "lenovo idepad 330" and installed windows 10. My previous laptop had a removable battery, and since I nearly always used it at home, I didn't use the battery (and so, after lots of years, it were still like if it was new, when I needed it, I just put it). But this one has an integrated battery (nowadays it seems like all of them are this way).

Is there a way to use the computer like if there wasn't a battery? I mean, tell the computer to use energy from the charger and don't send it through the battery.
And, if that can't be done with software... can I take a screwdriver, extract the battery, and still us the laptop without it?


I may even give back the laptop and look for one with a removable battery if that can't be done, there are many ways to prolongue the life of the battery, but I think there is nothing better than don't use it if you don't need it.



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Re: How to stop charge when conected

Have you looked in Lenovo Vantage?  Under Power heading is there a "conservation mode" setting?


Also see below post.  I know its talking about different model but conservation mode does same thing.


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Paper Tape
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Re: How to stop charge when conected

Thank you. I've already removed the battery though, it's easy Smiley Happy

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