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IdeaPad 100s-14IBR | 5 hour battery life, new, is this normal?



I just bought a new ideapad 100s-14ibr 5 days ago [4-24-2017], I noticed seomthing about the battery life that gave me a hunch:


Usually when unboxing a new laptop smartphone, etc., it comes with 40-70% of charge from the factory as industry practice. My laptop had 0% charge and could not power on until after 35 minutes of charging.

(lithium-ion batteries only lose only about 1-2% of charge per month in storage. Usually a lituim-ion battery that loses its charge (or doesnt hold its charge) is defective.)


My laptop only holds a charge for 5 hours on 75% brightness. Im concerned as most review sites, testers and many credible sources indicate that this laptop has a 7+ battery life and some have even got uo tp 9 hours of battery time. Please let me know if this is normal, if this battery life of 7+ hours is reached only on lowest brightness, etc. Because one tester indicated they reached 7 hours of battery on highest brightness and another had the same time with 70% brightness looping a video.


any help/feedback is very helpful as quickly as possible. I have a small window to return laptop for an excange. i dont want a refund as this machine exceeded my expectations in performance and other areas. But I need a laptop that give me a ChromeBook battery life of 7-8+ hours but the flexability of having Windows 10.

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