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What's DOS?
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IdeaPad 710S - slow performance

I bought ideapad 710S after research and survey, but the performance of 710s is really disappointing. The computer has strange problem and unstable performance. After my first week, I sent it to the maintanence center. Lenovo maintenance center was nice enough to change the mainboard for me. However, after 3 weeks of using, the problems reoccured again. the computer has slow processing capability.  I use simple word program and my typing does not show on the screen simultanously, instead there is the waiting cycle icon keeps apperaing. Plus, there seem to be extreme heat release problem with lound fan noise. I returned to the maintenance center and after that 3 weeks, the shop replaced ROM and heat fan.

When I got home, I started working on the document and recognize heat problem is gone. However, the delay processing problem remains. I have a problem getting my work done with this 710S because everything delays. By everything I mean my typed sentence delays by more than 10 seconds, my access to internet website consumes more than 30 seconds, program opening takes almost 1 minute. I feel disappointed, frustrated and mad with the quality of ideapad. I was a fan of thinkpad and this wiped off and torn down my believe of lenovo brand. 



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What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad 710S - slow performance

How does Lenovo justify selling this product?  Lenovo 710S is the most disappointing computer product I have ever used, and no support person is able to resolve the problem of slow downloads.  It is like going back to dns.  With the new Lenovo downloading a file (about 20 minutes for a 60mb file on a 155mps network, I can open two other 5 year old laptops and download the same file in seconds through the same router.  This is absolute trash and i only use it when I will not need to use the internet.  I intend to find the reviewers who recommended it and sue them in small claims court for the money I paid, as well as Lenovo.  It is my first and definitely the last Lenovo product I will buy and I am discontinuing my use of MicroCenter stores as well.

What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad 710S - slow performance

I have the same Problem.


The device is slow, slower than some of my 8 years old HP Notebooks. The fan's yelping all the time.


I think the only solution is to hit it against the wall.


That was my last device from Lenovo.

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