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Fanfold Paper
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IdeaPad 710s 13ISK Wifi Issue

Hello there! I bought the Ideapad 710s recently but i'm experiencing a serious WiFi issue. After cold start the wireless network adapter cannot be recognised. There isn't even an entry in the device manager pointing to an unknown device or a missing driver. It is absolutely not possible to allow it. Restart doesn't help either. After many restarts and attempts to switch th adapter on, I've succeded, and from that moment on, it stays active with no further issue. Countless resarts later it's still on and the function is okay. The problem is, that on the next day (i think that means, when the notebook is cold) the issues appears again. There is no network adapter, and it appears much later. What i've tried by now:


1. Did a full Windows update

2. Reinstalled every single driver from the Lenovo support center

3. Turned every single energy saving feature off

4. Did a BIOS update

5. Did a full system recovery (and repeated the steps 1, 2 and 3)

6 Made a clean Windows 10 installation (and repeated the steps 1, 2 and 3)


After each and every of the steps mentioned above, the issue appeared after cold start on the next day and disappeared after about an hour of being turned on. The wireless adapter is UEFI ENABLED all the time.


Well after two weeks and countless attempts to solve the problem i have no idea, what more could i possibly do.


Does someone experienced such issue, and if yes, what was the solution for it.


Best regards and happy new year!

What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad 710s 13ISK Wifi Issue



I have no my second Lenovo Notebook. And I have to say this issue occurs on both permanently. Really annoying. Even from time to time it looses the WiFi Connection during the Computer is on. First I thought it is a technical problem. Now with my just 2 days ago purchased notebook - the same issue. Even during installation of Office I lost internet connection again. And it is definitely a Lenovo Problem. Because it does not happen on my mobile phones, tablet or any other WiFi device I have in my house. 


Lenovo - fix this general issue. Please. This is not acceptable. I am thinking about of sending back my new PC. Really.

What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad 710s 13ISK Wifi Issue


I experience exactly the same issue as desbribed by you with my new IdeaPad 710S. I love the notebook, its performance, its design, but I can't live with totally unexpected, sudden slow-down or even dropping of my WiFi connection. I updated BIOS and all device drivers according Lenovo support for the notebook, but nothing changed. And due to a lot of testing, I am more than sure that it is a notebook issue, and not related to my WiFi configuration or HW.

As I bought my notebook via Amazon, I will return it and replace it with another device of the same series - as I said, I really like it very much and would like to avoid to change to another model.

Did Lenovo support or you yourself come up with a solution? I contacted the Lenovo support a few day ago, but did not get any feedback up to now.

Anyhow, let's hope that there will be a solution (or my new notebook not to show the same WiFi issue).

Best regards,


Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad 710s 13ISK Wifi Issue

I have the same problem!!! I brought back the first Ideapad and got the same model to see if it was the previous device's problem but on the new, second device it does the same!!!


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