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IdeaPad 720S-14IKB charging problem and sound??? question

I just bought a IdeaPad 720S-14IKB labtop and i have to say that i am impress with it but i have a few questions about it


First is the white charging LED on the side it dosen't turn off. i plugged it in twice already and it is solid white even at 100% charge not turning off? how do i know if is fully charge by looking at it since it dosen't turn off? i left it charging overnight and it the morning after 10 hours of charge the light was still on whole the laptop was at 100% this is the first laptop i get that the light doesn't turn off. is this normal???


also i was installing all the updates and all "Lenovo Diagnostics Tool Lite" included. so i click on that program and it is nice to see that i can test my internal parts. i did the sound one and i can't seem to complete that test since i get to 100% and it gives me a "Cancelled" statuts not giving me a results? is this also normal???





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Re: IdeaPad 720S-14IKB charging problem and sound??? question

Hello and welcome,


The power LED behavior seems normal.  Have a look at page 5 of your user's guide:



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