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Re: IdeaPad 720s-13ARR: if the bios won't be updated anymore?


If you would call Lenovo again it would be great.

Question(s) could be

a) will both BIOS lines ("classic" v30 and new v41) continue to receive support? If not: is it better to upgrade to 41 the way you were told to receive further updates, or are there disatvantages to force the upgrade?

b) are both bios lines currently on the same level (with regard to optimizations, bugfixing, securitypatches, microcode-updates, ...), if so: why are the security-updates listet as change in 41 not backportet to 30.

c) what are these security-issues? I have not found anything searching for the given numbers

d) Why are there two different bios lines for one type of device?



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