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IdeaPad Y580 - "Energy Management" killed my battery/laptop

Hi, I have an IdeaPad Y580 with Windows 10 Pro. The battery is 10.8V, 72Wh, 6700mAh / 11.1V 6200 mAh. The battery indicator in Windows was showing something like "65% not charging" the whole time. I went to Lenovo's "Energy Management" tool and started "Battery Gauge Reset".

The software said this will completely charge and discharge the battery and I should not use the laprop in the meantime, so I left it running the whole day. When I came back the machine was hanging: screen was dark, the keyboard did not respond. The power button was lit up, but did not react on normal push.


I pushed it longer for a forced shutdown and voila. The laptop is now dead. It does not start.


When I press the power button, the battery indicator LED blinks 3 times in orange and stops. The only way to start the laptop is to remove the battery, unplug the power supply from mains and shorten the mains lead to discharge any capacitors.


Moreover, decided to measure the voltage coming out of the power supply with the battery in the laptop - the connecting leads i used went really hot within seconds and the voltage dropped from 19.5 to under 18.5V.


I am not sure what is going on, but either the charging circuit or the battery is overloading the power supply.


Any help?



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Re: IdeaPad Y580 - "Energy Management" killed my battery/laptop

@grep wrote:

The battery indicator in Windows was showing something like "65% not charging" the whole time.

The display "nn%, not charging" is normal when the battery conservation mode has been activated.  The thinking is that the batteries in laptops which spend most of their time on mains power will have longer useful life if not kept at 100% charge all of the time.


The value for "nn" seems to vary.  I have one version of the "Energy Management" application that uses "80" for "nn", whereas the current version of the app uses "60" for "nn".  So the value of "65" is not out of step with these values.


I cannot offer you any advice to extricate yourself from the bad place where you now find yourself.  It needs someone with more knowledge than I.  Good luck.


-- from CyberSimian in the UK

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