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Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 100s - Bitlocker Recovery Key

I have the same issue with my wife's Lenovo 100s after a Windows update. It's got my wife's book on the harddrive. Really pissed off with Lenovo. Bitlocker should not even be included with my version of Windows. Lenovo we'd to axtuactu support us with this fault. Appreciate all the help from the volunteers but can this be escalated?




Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 100s - Bitlocker Recovery Key

I wanted to add an update for others to the prior post I made cioncerning my son's laptop.  

We were contacted by a more senior support person.  We at least confirmed that the motherboard and hard drive had been replaced.

We still suspect that the service shop did not install the basic Home Version Windows 10.  That is where the problem started with the tech side installing a Professional or Network version of Windows 10.  Created 10x the work and frustration from just installing the wrong Windows 10 version.


They did get a local Levono Tech to service the issue vs sending it back to them again for service and be without it longer for school.


I just got a new Think Pad at work and it has BitLocker, and I cannot even open and see the key.  I don't have Admin rights.  But I know from some of my staff that have been locked on more than one occasion, that our Corporate group maintains the numbers.

It appears from my log in screen that it would be very easy to accidently lock the computer and sent into BitLocker mode.  I appears to start with pressing the Esc key vs entering your log in information.


When I finally did get higher level support person, and looked into it with service group, it was obvious.  They did step up fix and service call and were very proactive then in trying to fix, which I really did appreciate.  My warranty was also going to expire in the next week, so I was concerned fix my not stick, but they extended my warranty 90 days.


Reinstalling and putting back up files back on computer, so will see how it all goes.  But wanted to let people know that there is hope for help, but I don't think if the BitLocker has locked you hard drive, you can recover it unless you had a copy of the Key.  


Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 100s - Bitlocker Recovery Key



Same problem. No warning at all and now my daugter can't use this laptop anymore, because of bitlocker.

And no possibility to step back to last version of system. 

Where i can find information? I have tryed go back last version (update) - not works. No keys on windos account on website account....all tryed. Nothing! 

So bad move from Lenove to send out this kind of update what will block users to use their buyed laptops. 

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