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What's DOS?
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Ideapad 110-17ACL UM80 Questions

Hi all,


At first i want to say that I'm not a native english speaker so, i can make some mistakes. 


I'm not a pro user or pro gramer, but sometimes I like to play League of Legens, and watch YT a bit. I didn't need to buy super model, so I decided to buy this one model. I had some experience with new lapops, one of my friends (also LoL player) bought one HP model for 250 euro (2core processor, and intel GPU). In last month i bought one for my wife (ASUS, also 2core processor and intel GPU, price about 300 euro) - both laptops were cheap and just for home use (yt, movies, and sometimes word or browser games). I tried play LoL at both, all on mid setting was ok, more than 60 fps, no graphic lags. They can run this game without problem, also YT and brower was working without lags. 


My old computer i bought in 2013, that wasn't highend model, just home/ofice use computer, i had 250 gb hd, 1,9 ghz processor (2core) and Intel integrated graphic card - i used it only for yt, movies, excel, word, publisher and playing LoL. I had allways 60fps on mid settings, no graphic lags, sometimes had problem when game was starting but that was only 1-2 second lag.


Now i have this one, 2 ghz 4 core processor, radeon A4 (i know it's not a super GPU), 1tb hdd, everything is brand new, but I can't play even LoL, on super low setting I have maximal 54 fps when nothing happend on map, but when there are more players and minions it's descending to 20-25 fps and leaping. It has also problem with YT, because when i make fullscreen i must wait 1-2 second, also had lags when movies are running. I was in the service with this device, but they said that was only software problem, they reinstalled new Windows - but it's still the same. I had argue in Shop where i bought it, because man there said "It's not a gaming laptop, only home/ofice use". Great but this game is already almost 10 yrs old, my fiends run it on calculators! On my old computer, and also on two new cheap computers everything is ok. 


I of course tried to do everything, all windows tweaks, all game tweaks, all processes killed, super ultra low setting, all driverers update, nothing happends, still the same. The fun thing is that, there is no difference in fps between low and medium settings.


I attached document from Lenovo Service in Germany (this all happends here, but I'm not German)


I will translate it a bit:


Vom Kunden Gemeldete Fehler: Errors reported by customer

Das Betriebsystem... : Operating system function not stable (shudders of, hangs up, stays stopped) -[I didn't really reported that but ok...]

Diagnose: Ok, u know...

Now it's in english.. lol

Durchgefuhrte...: Just, what they done with this problem.

Die Software...: We changed all software (Mean Windows), and everything was ok then.


Then they write that they made tests and everything was fine. 


Ok. Was fine because it's working, i can write on this, and (with little problems) watch movies. 


My questions is: Is it really normal thing right now? That on brand new laptop, maybe not highend, or even more like lowend I can't play game from 2009 what is mode for the game from early 2000??? Is with my laptop rly everything allright? If not, what should i do now? 


Sorry for long post.



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