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Paper Tape
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Ideapad 310-14ISK 80SL RAM and HDD upgrade


Im looking to upgrade and i have read manuals (two of them provided slightly different information) and also some general questions that i would like an answer from someone who is familiar with this particular model.


First, i want to upgrade RAM and all i know is that there is DDR4 4GB(different from what manual says). from CPU-Z test

CPU-Z also shows that NB frequency of current RAM is around 2700MHz and DRAM frequency is 1064MHz

From manual i find out:

Type and speed: DDR3L-1333 MHz/1600MHz
max supported capacity: 16GB
Slots: SO-DIMM x2


What i do not know is what type of RAM shall i schoose/machine supports.


I guess since CPU-Z pulls real info from PC then i shall schoose DDR4 for free slot

But there is 2133MHz and 2400MHz memorys available, which one is best for this laptop?



Second question is about HDD, current one is 1TB HDD and also i have available extra bay for 7mm HDD only where usually is cd-drive.

I want to take out HDD and replace it with SSD and put HDD into extra bay, will this model be able to manage two drives simultaneously, SSD as main one with OS and HDD for extra files?

As i understood i need to replace HDD with SSD and make a clean OS install(already prepared USB installation media) and after everything is done and booted into windows then i will connect HDD into extra bay but should i prepare HDD somehow or it is simple as plug in and go?

Is there anything else i need to concider as im planning to do all this by myself rather than let someone do it for me. 


All info and tips much appriciated

Thank you

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Re: Ideapad 310-14ISK 80SL RAM and HDD upgrade

Hi there, TeddyKGB  -


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


Third party tools may not always be accurate as same reason they would have disclaimers to check with manufacturer since the scanners usually check the CPU and chipsets database for the result ( as a universal tool) and not considering other features like the supported BIOS and board features and devices .


To answer your question, it would be the same on the product specification page : 


12GB max / 2133MHz DDR4, dual-channel capable,

(4GB memory soldered to systemboard, one DDR4 SO-DIMM socket )


Checking on the hardware manual , max ram of 8GB recommended for best performance to incorporate dual channel. 


FRU recommended part list (item6 page89) for compatibility , directions for DIMM changes on page 39-40


Checking on the task manager would help if additional ram helps your applications and usage thru multiple browsing.


Update us how it goes.







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Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 310-14ISK 80SL RAM and HDD upgrade

Thanks for the info.


I updated with Kingston DDR4 4GB extra RAM(maybe in the future will swap it with 8GB to total 12GB) but for now 8GB as total is just fine. 

Also HDD swaped with 120GB SSD.


I must say that notebooks use in terms of performance is now night and day from before and it is really enjoyable now. 

When before, restart took time a minute and an extra minute or two before desktop was fully loaded and usable without lag then now all total from restart to desktop and using apss takes 20seconds.

Also no matter how many programs i run , notebooks stays without lag amd really fast. 


I would very much recommend to anyone make those upgrades if possible, i believe that SSD is number one and then add extra memory if even needed. All this upgrade cost me $100, propably can get even cheaper when ordering from online, i got mine from PC shop and also for small fee had my HDD swaped as i did not want to do it myself. Adding/changing RAM is really easy and can do by anyone, just look up before. 

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Re: Ideapad 310-14ISK 80SL RAM and HDD upgrade

how many hdd slot have in this laptop???

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