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Ideapad 310 151sk won’t turn on

2018-09-23, 0:22 AM

A few days ago my laptop stopped working completely


I figured I would take to this forum in an attempt to seek advice from pros and fellow owners alike.


My laptop is nearly 2 years old, I bought it new. I use it a lot. Last year my dog chewed up the charger it came with and so I bought a new one, which was off brand. It worked fine for a years until the cord tore in an accident. I attempted to twist the wires back together without soldering, and only using eletrical tape. It worked for about a day until my laptop just randomly shut off. It wasn’t dead, since I was able to immoderately turn it back on. Upon startup it began updating. It got to 25 percent when it said it was restarting. It turned off but didn’t turn back on. So I turned it back on manually. It continued updating for about 2 minutes before it shut off. That was it’s last sign of life. No lights or anything since then.


i bought a new charger (brand new from Lenovo for this laptop) but it still won’t turn on. I followed advice from the internet and took out the battery for a minute because I read it could build up static. It still won’t turn on.


To eliminate the possibility the charger was faulty, I used a voltage detector to test the charger, and found it is working. 


When end I used the voltage detector on my laptop unplugged it showed no signs of electricity, however when I plugged it in if the voltage detector was within 3 inches of anywhere on the laptop it went off.


my warranty expired plus I have taken it slightly apart anyway, so it is not under warranty.


Before taking it in and spending more money or buying a new laptop I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions as of what the problem is and what I can do.


any advice is welcome, thank you.



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Re: Ideapad 310 151sk won’t turn on

2018-09-23, 3:54 AM
I thought first of a corrupt update from Windows. But then I realize that your laptop couldn't turn on after that, no lights, no whatsoever.

You tried removing the battery, and let it just plugged in, it wouldn't work either.

I'm no expert here, but it can be a motherboard failure, because that's where all the circuit goes.

I hope that the 3rd party charger (since you said the charger was off brand) you have has the same voltage as the old one.

Otherwise, for my personal opinion, you should buy a new laptop. The Ideapad 310 is out of warranty, going to be a bit complicated to repair, and a bit out of date (yes that's the reality gadgets nowadays, two years above and your gadget becomes out of date, lol.)

When you buy a new Lenovo laptop, I may suggest you can go with the ThinkPad ones instead, they're built better and last quite longer than the Ideapad ones. Your choice though, or you can switch to other brands, or get the Lenovo Ideapad 330 (the 2x successor) if that's what you want.
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