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I just purchased this new laptop a couple of days ago and love it other than one thing. The screen is too dim when unplugged. It is great when plugged in, but dims quite a bit when it is not. I have the brightness at 100% for both the on battery and plugged in settings so I have no idea how they vary so much. I have it set for high performance, not power saver. The battery saver is also off. I have looked all over the internet and found no useful info. 




Please try the following;


  • Right click in a free area of the display and select AMD Radeon Settings
  • In the left of the windows which opens select Preferances
  • Then Radeon Additional Settings
  • Expand the Power option and click on Power Play

Turn off / disable Vari-Brightvari_bright.PNGdisable Vari-BrightOnce you have applied this change it should then be possible for you to choose your own screen brightness on AC and battery by modifying your chosen power profile in Windows advanced power settings.

power settings.PNGWindows advanced power settings


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I need help with my screen. My partner dropped our ideapad and now it turns on but the screen is almost black (so faint you can barely make out the Lenovo logo when it turns on). Does anyone have any fixes for this? 



Might be issue with the LCD/LCD cable if issue is persisting in DOS mode also.