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Ideapad 320 13ikb freeze issue wi-fi cause

Hello everyone.
There is interesting situation happening to me.
I bought laptop in September 2018, it is Lenovo IdeaPad 320s-13ikb. Everything was fine, but from some moment I starting to experience following issue: laptop starting to randomly freeze (completely no reaction on buttons, sounds short looping, static image, only hard reset had effect to it). For the first I was thinking that it is some Nvidia driver issue. The plus of this theory was my notice of pattern - often freezing happened when i watched some video (so hardware decoding by the video card and stuff). But then I realized different pattern: once I started to transfer a big amount of data through the SMB. And in this moment I realized that it was always the cause, because I watched videos through the smb-shared folders in windows, and this wasn't the video itself, it was very big amount of data, simultaneously going through the wireless interface, and then this case happening. I repeated this experiment several times: I tried to transfer one file of ~20 GBytes and transfer was never finished, every time laptop freezes.
N.B. Till the first case several months passed, Windows got updates and laptop had drivers updates, the situation didn't change.
Does anyone has the same issue? How in can be solve? Any thought?
Thanks to all who will participate this issue.

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