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Paper Tape
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Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

I have an Ideapad 320S 14IKB with std. 4GB RAM. What is the maximum RAM that can be installed? One module to be replaced or spare slot?

How do I, if possible to upgrade, open the unit and get access to the replaceable RAM module or expantion slot?

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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

Hi SvenCon,


Welcome to the Community Forums.


As per product specifications:

8GB max / 2133MHz DDR4, one DDR4 SO-DIMM socket


So you have a single module to replace the current 4GB to a compatible 8GB DDR4 RAM.


Here is the hardware manual for the disassembly describing the steps to perform the RAM replacement.

FRU list page 74 item 11 for the OEM  tested ram.


I hope this helps answer your query.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

Thanks spidey101, then I know what to do and how to do it :-)
What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

Can I have the cost for upgrading to 8gb RAM for IdeaPad 320s?

Thank you in advance!

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

I haven’t done the upgrade yet, but here in Norway a suitable good quality 8GB memory module cost around 1000NOK (equals 125$)
Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

From my experience, several machines support far more than the documentation officially says. I've many times installed the double of the maximum supported on desktops and laptops. My old E220 had 16Gb memory. I would install 32Gb, if I could find non-ECC DDR3 DIMMs supporting that.

I've recently bought one Ideapad 320s-14IKB with laughable 4Gb. I was planning to use this machine just as a thin client (apt-get install x2go-client), however this computer has wonderful performance and screen resolution, and definitely deserves the chance to become a more powerful workstation. I'm considering giving a try with 16Gb or 32Gb, if I manage to find such DIMMs.


NOTE: I'm obviously not responsible for any damage or loss YOU MAY incur trying to install more than 8Gb.

I'm only responsible for damage and loss I MAY incur when I try to install more than 8Gb.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

Hello! Have you already tried installing 16gb ram on Lenovo 320s-14IKB? does it work/boot?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

Hello @paulomapoy,

No haven't yet.
The manual obviously does not list any memory module with more than 8Gb.
However, it's not very difficult to figure out which module (if it exists!) would be a good fit.
Let's try:

From the hardware maintenance manual ...

... you obtain the part number, let's say, Samsung M471A1K43CB1-CRC and then you find this link

Looking for M471A1K43CB1-CRC in the table provided by the link above, you will find some relevant information, like voltage = 1.2V, speed = 2400 and many more. However, there's something really important which you take from the notes:  RC = DDR4-2400(17-17-17)

So, once again, the information you need is:
8Gb, SODIMM, non-ECC, 1.2V, DDR4-2440, 17-17-17, 1 rank

Notice that M471A5244CB0 also appears in the table, but it's 4Gb.
Also notice that Lenovo says M471A5244CB0-CRC whilst Samsung says M471A5244CB0-CBC/RC
, and so, I suspect that CRC or RC may not be relevant at this point. I said: I suspect.

OK. Now, let's try to find something similar, but obviously with 16Gb or 32Gb.
Yes, there's one right in the same table:

M471A2K43CB1-RC, which is 16Gb, SODIMM, non-ECC, 1.2V, DDR4-2440, 17-17-17, 2 ranks

Notice that it's 2 ranks. This may or may not be an issue. Let's investigate:

Well, seem like a dual rank will not hurt us at all. It may even be advantageous.

Now try to find the documented and the non-documented memory modules only, trying to spot differences in appearence and/or other differences not documented yet.

You can also try to find a similar module, but 32Gb.
Try other manufacturers, but obviously keeping the search parameters
    SODIMM, non-ECC, 1.2V, DDR4-2440, 17-17-17


Regarding "working" or "not working":

If you buy something with the same spec but more capacity, chances are that "it will work".
It's very unlikely that the memory controller is restricted, even though it makes a lot of sense to investigate the memory controller spec before spending any money. I will do that myself later.

From my experience, two things may go wrong:

1. The memory controller does not support 16Gb or 323Gb.
This is very unlikely. I've never had such experience. In this case, the computer simply "does not see" more than 8Gb.

2. The system does not boot.
Well... this may happen with memory recommended by the computer manufacturer too.
I've already bought brand new memory modules which "simply do not work".
You may either return the item (if it is a recommended item) or you may reduce the memory speed setting in the BIOS. Try something slower and see if it works. I have systems running this way.

Once again: I do not provide any guarantee and I'm not recommending you to do anything explained here.
I've just described what I usually do and I'm only sharing my experiences. Any damage or loss caused by these procedures is your and only your responsibility.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

Just for information, I have the 320S 14IKM, model 81BN. It has an i5 8250U and is supplied with a single 8GB SODIMM module. This is a Ramaxel module PC4-2666 (DDR4 2666 rather than 2400 as in the manual). The motherboard is the Lenovo LNVNB161216 and the manual says that it supports 8GB maximum. However, the memory controller is integrated into the i5 and is capable of supporting (I think) up to 64GB and the HWinfo utility suggests that the motherboard can support 32GB so I thought I'd have a try with 16GB. 


I fitted a 16GB Ballistix module from Crucial. It works perfectly and Windows shows that the full amount is available. This is also a PC4-2666 module.


A couple of points. This was my risk and my laptop. Lenovo probably have good reasons for setting the maximum support at 8GB, including variable tolerances in the components. Just because it works for me it may not work for the next person, and in any case, 8GB is perfectly adequate for most everyday applications; overkill for many. 16GB isn't cheap at the moment and in spite of chatter there's no sign of an imminent drop in price.

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad 320S 14IKB RAM upgrade

Hi Spidey101. 1st of all thanks for the support. I have an additional question about this topic. I have on my Ideapad (80YF0004BR) 4G on board and I want to upgrade RAM also. I was checking the memory bank installed and the part number of this Samsung memory is K4ABG165WC-BCRC, which according to Samsung information are DDR4-2400 instead of DDR4-2133 as specified on laptop manual. According to Samsung to be an DDR4-2133 the tail code of the memory should be "...-BCPB" instead of "...-BRCR". Would you mind in verify and inform  which RAM I can install on the PCBoard connector? Rgds,

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