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Paper Tape
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Ideapad 320s hard drive? M.2 Case? & USB type

I broke the screen on my laptop and I need to get my college work off of it.


I opened the case and when I looked to where SSD should be there is just a case? Is it m.2?


I just read its an m.2 I think

  1. is there a way I fnd out what m.2 it is to buy an enclosure? P/N is 5SD0N04881
    Would this work?
  2. What type of USB do I have, straight A?B? C, See atched pic.
  3. Is it possible view the laptop with a broken screen, like adapter to TV?
Bit Torrent
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Re: Ideapad 320s hard drive change? Opened the case and no HD showing?

@Patrickd4 wrote:
is there a way I fnd out what m.2 it is to buy an enclosure?

The enclosure that you linked works only with SATA M.2 SSDs; it will not work with NVMe PCI-E SSDs (this is stated in the description of the enclosure).  As far as I know, there are no enclosures that work with NVMe PCI-E SSDs.


The "Hardware Maintenance Manual" (HMM) for your laptop may specify what type of SSD you have.  The HMM can be downloaded from the Support page for your laptop on this web site.


If your laptop has a VGA socket or an HDMI socket, the laptop might work if you plug it into a screen with the appropriate socket and then switch Windows to output to the external screen.  Worth trying, I think, but there is no guarantee that it will work (depends on what has happened to the internal screen).


-- from CyberSimian in the UK

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