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Ideapad 510-15IKB bios 3JCN30WW changelog? Is it worth updating?

Hi all, I have a Ideapad 510-15IKB and I right when I bought it I saw that there was an BIOS update available but ignored it because I didn't wanna mess with it and everything was working alright. I don't have any problems with my laptop, except for the fan working all the time 24/7. I was wondering if it's worth updating the bios? I was reading about it and people were mainly talking about that fan issue, but what are the other changes that this bios update introduces? Will it actually fix the problem of the fan working non-stop? I know it's better for the system because it's kept at lower temperatures, but I don't want my fan bearing to die so fast because replacing it will be probably a pain in the a**.


Could someone provide me some list of changes in that bios? If it's gonna give me some other benefits then I'll be willing to update it (I'd have to convert my system installation to GPT)



I'd also like to ask if I should de-install my newest Nvidia drivers and install the 'factory' ones? I mean the drivers straight from Lenovo. I'm experiencing some low performance in some really old games that worked flawlessly even on my very old PC and I'm pretty sure this laptop should handle them a lot better, but doesn't. I read some articles that the original driveres are specially adjusted to laptops and newer, 'universal' drivers may not work as good. I tried tweaking almost everything, ensuring the laptop works with nvidia gpu, putting every power-saving options off etc and still I get around 100fps at medium settings in a 14 year old game (while I was able to get >200 at a very old PC with an Athlon X2 and some very old GeForce gpu). I also have problems in some newer games like Fortnite, I can't get a properly stable 60fps even at lower resolutions & with low-medium settings.

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Re: Ideapad 510-15IKB bios 3JCN30WW changelog? Is it worth updating?

Below tells you what the BIOS update is for.


Summary of changes
General Information:

BIOS Notification    :
1. Fixed
  1) None.

2. Add
  1) None.

3. Modified 
  1) Enhancement to address CVE-2017-5715.

EC Notification      :
1. Fixed
  1) None.

2. Add
  1) None.

3. Modified
  1) None.


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