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Ideapad 700-15ISK / Windows 8.1 drivers?

Hi guys!


I just bought an Ideapad 700-15ISK laptop and I wondering if anybody can help me find Windows 8.1 drivers?

I was searching on the site several times but I found only Windows 7 or Windows 10 drivers.

Also I still have a lot of Unknown Devices in my Device Manager so I would like to fix those drives.

I'm using Windows 10 drivers at the moment on my Windows 8.1 what I don't think is good because today I got an error before a forced restart from the system: Kernel Security Check Failure - after I googled it I found that the problem can be a not proper driver.






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Re: Ideapad 700-15ISK / Windows 8.1 drivers?

I can help identifying the "unknowns" but I cannot find 8.1 drivers either.  My thought is it is a downgrade from Windows 10 and would just use the same drivers as 10 since on Lenovo's site there are only drivers for 10 or 7.  

Heres how to identify unknown hardware for drivers.

In your device manager right click on the "unknown device"

Select "Properties"

Select "Details"

In the drop down box that labeled "Property" change from device description to Hardware ID.

Select the bottom line and google that line.  

This will identify the component and should show a driver for it.

Finding drivers can be quite stressful.  I hope this has helped some.  Good Luck!  



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Re: Ideapad 700-15ISK / Windows 8.1 drivers?



Thank you for your answer.

I did identified some of the drivers, thanks.

Are you using Windows 10 drivers with your Windows 8.1 as well?


It happened to me today that after I updated my Intel 530 driver my screen resolution changed. It was higher before but it's still showing me that is 1920x1080 but it's definitely lower than before like icons on desktop and the taskbar, clock, etc. is bigger.

Do you understand what is that?

Thanks very much, I appreciate your time.



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