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Ideapad 700 - the GPU shoots up to 99% when I plug in power

I have a Ideapad 700 with a GTX950M.  Recently the laptop started to without warning shut down when playing certian games.  After some investigation and using sensor reading tools I finally found that I could set up city scapes at low setting with the power not plugged in (running from battery) and the GPU would be running around 70% and only 42c.  but if I plug in the AC/power it shoots up to 99% and soon shuts down and I see the GPU get up to 52 C  .  I thought maybe it was a performance setting between battery and plugged in, but all that I have found in windows 10 I shut off including in power management and in battery saver.  I also was able to while on battery set city scapes to high settings and get the GPU to run closer to 96 or so natually and this resulted in a stable 46 C or so -- so it doesnt seem like the GPU is throttled since I got it that high, and it also doesnt seem like 99% should cause it to shoot to >52c and then shut down -- it seems like something about plugging in this power supply makes the GPU go crazy.   I hope to test a second power supply I have at another site in the next couple days.  - anyone have any ideas?  Could it be a bad power supply?  how could the power supply cause the GPU to freak out?  Is it a setting somewhere which puts the GPU in full out mode when plugged in that I missed, but which still doesnt really make sense to me..


Anyone seen anything like this before?


Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


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