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Ideapad 720S-14IKB (81BD) - Touchpad cutting out

Machine: Ideapad 720S-14IKB Type 81BD


The Problem: Randomly (and frequently) the touchpad completely stops functioning. This issue persists even through restarts. After 30-60 minutes it just as unexpectedly starts working again. While it's not working it is 100% non-functional: no mouse shows up on screen, clicking does nothing, swiping does nothing, gestures do nothing. While it is working it is 100% functional: everything works as expected.


Things I've already tried:

- The 'disable trackpad' function key (trackpad doesn't work in either mode)

- Restarting (issue persists through restart)

- Updating software (I got latest Windows 10)

- Updating firmware (I got latest firmware through Lenovo System Update)


Something I noticed while looking for solutions:

In 'Device Manager' there is a Trackpad entry in the 'firmware' category, but no driver in the  'Mice and other Pointing Devices' category. I'm not sure if that's normal for this device, and I guess if I have no driver it doesn't explain why my trackpad sometimes *does* work. Also, when looking for a fresh driver download on Lenovo's support page for this machine, there was no entry for trackpad drivers, which struck me as odd.


Edit: it has occured to me it's possible this is a hardware issue, so I'll just add that I haven't knocked or spilled anything on the machine either. There was no obvious physical event that preceded the first time this happened.

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