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Ideapad 720s Poor Wifi

Hi All,


I have just purchased the Ideapad 720S and have been having a problem with the WiFi.


I noticed that it would slow down and the network would become unresponsive while getting content from my NAS box. If I ping my router, I also noticed that there is a high latency which varies loads, never really going below 3ms, but sometime dropping a ping and often going up to 20 - 40ms +!


I have tested the laptop on 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and the situation is the same. I have also tried a different Access Point, but the problem persists.


My old 7 year old Dell XPS15 does not exibity this problem.


I have updated the WiFI Driver (Atheros QCA9377) to the latest on the Lenovo Website, it shows as


I have also set the Power plan to max performance on the WiFi apapter.


Any help with this problem would be appreciated,





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Re: Ideapad 720s Poor Wifi

Hello YellowRacer

Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.


Unfortunately, I`ve not come across this before, but try to download the Chipset drivers for the unit from the support page. Make sure to reboot after an update on the unit.

Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

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Re: Ideapad 720s Poor Wifi

Hello i just recently successfully replaced my intel 3165 1x1 card for intel 8265 2x2 (~20€) FRU 01AX704 and it works great so far on ideapad 720s 14IKB but check the service manual for your country specific model and the recommended replacement cards because of different Wlan frequency restrictions. Also the antennas maybe doesnt fit if you change from atheros to intel.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad 720s Poor Wifi


I used to have this problem too. And my solution is to remove all of the USB devices and then the network worked well. And then I found that as soon as I plugged the external hard drive into the left USB port, the network would get no responses. I guess it may be related to the PCIe lanes conflicting...

But change the WLAN card to Intel 8265ac do solve this problem.

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Re: Ideapad 720s Poor Wifi

Had to replace the WiFi card in several 720s Laptops as well. The one that the laptops came with were utter crap (1x1, and often not the "good" ones from Intel). Swapping to the Intel 8265 (Lenovo Part 01AX704) was relatively easy though. Still very sad that Lenovo is so cheap on a laptop which really is not inexpensive to sell us the very lowest cost WiFi parts they can find.


Timlee0212, regarding your USB Problem:

This is most likely not related to PCIe lanes but to WiFi interference. USB 3.0 devices are known to contaminate the 2.4GHz Wifi Band if not properly shielded.


And to be properly shielded, all of those have to be true:

- the usb port on the laptop has to be shielded

- the usb 3.0 cable has to be properly shielded at both connectors and in the cable

- the usb 3.0 device (for example harddrive) has to be properly shielded at its USB 3.0 connector


So lots of areas where shielding can be insufficient. If you use an 5.0GHz network, which is a good idea because 802.11ac offers amazing speed anyway, you're not affected by those USB 3.0 problems - those are only interfering with 2.4GHz network reception.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad 720s Poor Wifi

same problem... I completely reinstalled Windows from a MS official version, and then the pb disappeared, but I lost some functionalities, like fingerprint recognition. I downloaded and launched Lenovo system updater, and installed missing functions... and all is ok now. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad 720s Poor Wifi

For those still searching for a solution to the poor wifi speeds on this laptop, stop searching for workarounds, and replace the wifi card. I know alot of people will say i shoudnt have to replace my card, lenovo fix this .... The issue is the hardware in the machine. IF you have the Atheros card, its a POS and Lenovo should be N** tapped for using this card to save few dollars. Buy the intel wifi card, part# 01AX704 cost like 20bucks, and swap out this POS card in the laptop (takes 10 min).  You will need torx T5 screwdriver to get back cover off just FYI. 


Old wifi card - 5G  - 100-125mbps (have 1Gbps internet) JOKE!  

New Intel card - 5G - 480mbps. 




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