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Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

Thank you! I had this dead touch screen for weeks and you solved my problem!


The only thing I did different is that I removed almost every HID options I had under HID interfaces list, rebooted, and bam, all working perfectly as before.



Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

Thanks Imortal!


My problem was similar with the difference the driver I had to unsistall was under "Universal Serial Bus controllers">USB-something and had a conflict.


After uninstalling it and restarting the computer the Touchscreen driver appeared under "Human Interface Devices"


Thanks once again

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

Glad I found this and tried something different because I have Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13.

In the past I had problems like this with Windows 8, and used a similar solution, but with Windows 10 I thought it might be different.  Anyways, here is how I adapted it for my context.


  • Open Device Manager
  • Drop down the menu for Human Interface Device (keep window open)
  • Removed any USB mice connected to computer
  • You will likely see a bunch of different options under HID either disappear or fade to gray
  • I then click on the remaining item that said USB Input Device and then I clicked disabled (I was too nervous to try uninstalling since I didn't want to figure out what it was before)
  • Restart and tada, I'm back to Touch Screen ability
  • Checked Device manager and that USB Input Device is still disabled (it is possible that it had something to do with my mouse)
  • Put my mouse usb back in and everythign still works fine.

So hopefully for anyone else out there with Lenovo Yoga 13 can also read this and try.


Thanks everyone for your contributions (and sufferings) to get to some solutions.

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

I have the same problem. i just saw the suggested fix. I tried it but i cant find the USB Touchscreen Controller(A111) under Mice and Other Pointing Devices
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Ideapad touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

Hello, I am sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I upgraded to windows 10 anad ever since, my touchscreen has stopped working.


I tried to follow your helpful advice, and I went to Device Manager, under 'human interface devices' I uninstalled the 'HID' touchscreen, but unfortunately I forgot to create a restore point.


In the device manager, I do not know whereabouts to go to install or uninstall the driver, now that I have uninstalled the touchscreen.

Is there somewhere I can go to get the updated drivers and to get my HID touch screen back please?


When I go back into the device manager, as the HID touchscreen is no longer there, where do I go to uninstall the driver. Sorry if any of this repeats itself, I am find the problem I have got, difficult to describe.

If you, or anyone else can help me get my touchscreen working again I would be very grateful, as I can see that a lot of people have had this problem, and I hope, that, by uninstalling the touchscreen, I have not caused any damage.

I have a recovery stick, but I am not sure how to use it, I don't know if it  has become corrupt, because I once took it out of the machine before hitting the 'remove hard ware' button.


Many thanks, in the meantime I will try and figure it out for myself, but will be back especially if I cannot get it to work, I am using the touch pad at the moment, and the side scroll and it is a bit of a nightmare.



Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

You deleted under HID, but that will not solve the problem. Create a restore point, then try the solution previously posted above by the Immortal, which worked for me.  For your convenience, this is it:


- Press Windows+X.

- Select Device Manager.

- Find the Touchscreen driver under Mice and Other Pointing Devices>USB Touchscreen Controller(A111).  You're going to uninstall this and check the box that says "Delete the driver software for this device".  Don't worry, it won't blow up your computer.

- Restart your computer.

- Re-open the Device Manager, and confirm that the Touchscreen is now listed under Human Interface Devices.  Your issue should be resolved!

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

I had the same problem but this was a couple of months after upgrading to Windows 10. One day it was working ok and the next the screen wasn't responding. I eventually contacted Lenovo support who said the only way to solve it was to reset to factory settings which seemed drastic. I googled problem again and found that other makes had same issue so tried some of the remedies provided and my machine is not working perfectly. 

Go to Device Manager (Windows +X)

Click USB Controllers & for each one listed check whether there is a Power Management Tab. If it has one click on it and uncheck the box "Allow computer to turn off the device to save power". I then turned off the computer and cleaned the screen. 

The next morning everything worked ok so can't say whether it was the changing of settings or the thorough screen clean which helped but I'm happy so hope it works for you too.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

What if you don´t have the USB Touchscreen Controller(A111) listed? 


I am having the same issue!

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10


I'm having the same issue...

The touchscreen doesn't work and under Human Interface the Touch Screen Compatible HID is disabled...

I tryied to follow your suggestion but I don't found the driver to remove under Mice and neither under USB Controller....

Any possible solution...???




What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgrade to Windows 10

Ideapad Flex 15. i upgrated to windows 10, all driver installed for windows 10. but screen touch doesn't work. i tryied this suggestion but same problem.



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