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Bit Torrent
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Re: Installing New HDD on New Lenovo Flex 5-1570

Remember in your other post, a comment was made Flex 5 is similar, = to Yoga 520?

You do have a training video including battery removal.


I found it using training video>lenovo>yoga series.



Your post above, Flex 15,triggered my Yoga 520 look inside service training.

You post excellent pictures, thanks.


Maybe Lenovo can fix up the service training index to add FLEX 5, under the Flex series and TOSS that Flex 15 video.  I haved edited earlier posts to reflect your machines insides. Hope someone learns a lots from this post,  I did/you did. 

Thanks Spidey/Prab for the yoga520=flex 5, who would know. 


Note 2: to oskarIT and others:

Whilst in HMM, looking at a machine pic PDF format, copy the pic using Acrobat copy[to clipboard], outline pic. Paste to .png or .bmp using Create NEW blank .png/.bmp, edit, paste. Way bigger pic. Nice. Missing arrows 1, 2, 3 from HMM gone.


Again thanks for sharing. Use some electrical tape for the scuff mark.

If Lenovo had service training videos correct, we would not have such a mess.  

Punch Card
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Re: Installing New HDD on New Lenovo Flex 5-1570

Thanks for the link, now I remember and it’s excellent


However pulling off the plug by the wires it’s a no-no, a very pour practice but if the manufacturer says to do so then it’s acceptable although personally I will be very hesitant. Why they don’t have in writing inside the maintenance manual?


We all know what will happen if the wires get broken inside the plug and short each other

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