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Is anybody missing a laptop that got sent in for a battery replacement?

I received a laptop that isn't mine in the mail from the Lenovo repair center. I don't know how this happened, but the package was addressed to me and contained a laptop with a decorative skin or sticker of some kind that definitely doesn't belong to me. There was a paper in the box that said it was sent in for a battery replacement or repair and a case number but no name or contact info for the person it belongs to. I haven't removed the laptop from the plastic wrap it came in and I imagine that whoever it belongs to is very worried/frustrated at this point.


I received it more than a month ago. I have called Lenovo 5 times asking them to send me a shipping label to figure out what happened and how the laptop can get back to its rightful owner. They have yet to send me a shipping label or even acknowledge that any progress has been made to figure out what the next step is. Each and every time I am told that a mysterious case manager will call me. They won't give me the phone number or email of the case manager and no one has called me. I find it completely ridiculous that no one has contacted me or followed up after 5 phone calls from someone saying they have a laptop that doesn't belong to them. This is incredibly irresponsible on the part of Lenovo. Its been a month and a half! 


If you are missing your laptop and it sounds like it could be the one I have here, please reply and we'll figure out a way to verify that it belongs to you and get your laptop back to you. I'm convinced at this point that Lenovo isn't going to do a thing. 

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Re: Is anybody missing a laptop that got sent in for a battery replacement?

thanks for your honestly. nice to see this

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Re: Is anybody missing a laptop that got sent in for a battery replacement?

Hello jshammon, welcome to the Community,


Very abnormal indeed and thank you very much for reaching out. I agree that someone is very likely missing their notebook because it's not where it is supposed to be and I'd like to help ensure it is returned to the rightful owner. In order to do that could I ask you to please send me your contact details & the system's details from the service document by private message;


Full Name;
Telephone No.;
email address;


System Type;
System s/n;

Case Numbers;


Thanks in advance,


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