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Is it Possible to install SSD drive on ideapad 520

Im Thinking about buying an Lenovo ideapad 520, I've done my research and this looks promising. The only downside being it lacks SSD drive. I'm wondering if its possible to install an SSD drive? or even replace the DVD-Writer with an SSD drive maybe?
And would this effect the overall configuration? or cause any conflicts with other hardware?
Has anyone done this before? or any recommendations on what SSD should I get if this is possible?

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Re: Is it Possible to install SSD drive on ideapad 520


Yes it supports sata/HDD and sata/SSD. same slot only.


page 72, item 11. Sata Hdd or Sata SDD. Special bracket for Sata SDD?


And a pcie SSD. This is in the Wlan slot. item 10. No pcie SSD documented in HMM.

I call this the old school mini pcie. Wlan or mini old school in this slot. Not a EVO 960.

I could state m2.xxxx this and that. that would be boring also.


Your shopping experience is not any different than mine.

Hope you choose the Sata/SDD.

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