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Issue with my Lenovo Edge 15 (Broadwell)

I have a very strange issue with my processor underclocking.

The factory specs for this laptop state my processor is the intel i7 500U @ 2.4GHz. Which it does fine and has perfect performance. Unless my laptop is under 20 percent AND plugged in (yes, plugged in, not on battery). I fmy laptop gets low on charge and drops below 20 percent I can hardly use it at the same time it is charging because it underclocks my cpu to a max clock of .5GHz rendering my laptop extremely sluggish even when doing simple operations. Once it has charged to 20 percent or above I have to disconnect the charger and then the cpu will throttle back up and then I can reconnect the charger without it underclocking until next time it has dropped below 20 percent and I plug it in.


Please tell me if you have a suggested fix or if this may be a hardware problem (which seems a little unlikely).


For the record I have played around with every option in the advanced power settings and have it on high performance mode and everything but nothing fixes it.


Thanks in advance, Alex

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Re: Issue with my Lenovo Edge 15 (Broadwell)

I have the same problem and I think it will have to be fixed with BIOS update.

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