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Blue Screen Again
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Keyboard on Edge 2 1580 Not Working!

Cannot log into or use Windows with the keyboard.


Some of the Function key toggles DO work, such as key backlight (Fn + Spacebar), screen brightness (over F11 & F12), screen backlight (over F9), and airplane mode (over F7). Other function keys, such as the volume adjustment keys (over F1 - F3), do not work. The toggle for the touchpad (over F6) appears to work (the toggle icon shows up on-screen), but it doesn't actually do anything (the touchpad continues working when "toggled off").


The on-screen keyboard feature still works, as does my USB keyboard, and pressing caps/num lock on the USB/screen keyboard also activates the corresponding lights on the laptop's keyboard. I have booted in safe mode and nothing changes. As far as I can tell, no drivers have changed and Windows did not update recently, as the keyboard was working fine the other day. I am certain that dirt under the keys is not the issue. The issue seems either a hardware problem or something regarding how the keys interact with Windows. The laptop is about 2 years old from BestBuy and is no longer under warranty. What do I do!?


EDIT: When the laptop is asleep, pressing any key on the keyboard still wakes it up. Also, the volume toggle rocker on the left side of the laptop does not seem to work either.



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Punch Card
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Re: Keyboard on Edge 2 1580 Not Working!

If some buttons are faulty it's hardware faulty and you can't do anything. Solution is to take it at repair center to change the keyboard, or you can use external keyboard by Bluetooth for example 

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