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LENOVO FLEX 4 1580 less than a year old having serious problems PLEASE HELP!

I have had my lenovo flex 4 1580 for less than a year, and while I love it there seem to be problems. And I am a law student so this is causing me a lot of anxiety.


In the last few weeks the computer has started to freeze, and requires me to physically press the power button to restart it. I have tried a system recovery before the installation of windows 10 creative, I have tried unistalling/reinstalling java, I continue to check my system for updates. I have disabled the background apps. I am not running alot just mozillafoxfire, microsoft word, spotity (maybe), google chrome, and that is about it. And yet the CPU and or memory will  just shoot through the roof and it will freeze. It feels like there is some big program running in the backgroud but I have checked the task master and I do not know what it is.....


Now it says that the computer is plugged in and it is not charging...I have checked the conservation mode is off, I tried the settings airplane mode is off,  I do not see any other other I missing something.


I am hoping that these problems can be fixed, quickly, 

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