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Blue Screen Again
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LaVie Z versus Carbon X1 (gen 3) -- why not offer a 512GB HDD on the LaVie?

I looked at the specs and both machines are pretty similar! Why wouldn't they offer a 512GB SSD option on the Lenovo LaVie Z? That's just dumb to max out at 256GB because I like the tablet usability of the LaVie but now will probably have to go with the Thinkpad Carbon X1 because it offers the 512GB.


Any idea why they did this?


Any other key differences in the systems that I'm missing that make the Carbon X1 that much more awesome?

Token Ring
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Re: LaVie Z versus Carbon X1 (gen 3) -- why not offer a 512GB HDD on the LaVie?

Price? The Carbon is marketed as a business class machine while the Lavie z is a consumer level Ideapad. For the most part, lenovo adds ~$300 to go from 256GB to 512GB, that would put the Lavie touch version at $2k! That's tough number to sell as a consumer laptop, especially one that's even blander in design than the Yoga line, has a Japanese layout keyboard and doesn't support 2 of the 4 "Yoga" positions. My >guess<? The current Lavie is more a market trial than revenue producer. There will be more models and likely more adoption of the weight reducing tech in future Lenovo models based on the current limited 2 models acceptance. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the next carbon had the shell of the Lavie with a Lenovo designed keyboard. If not for the flaws mentioned, I would probably be getting one.

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