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Paper Tape
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Lavie Z: BIOS corrupted, need help with USB Restore

 Hi there,


My Lavie Z 360 has the BIOS problem. I suspect the only way to fix it is to do the USB BIOS Restore, which I need help with.



I updated the BIOS to v2.0 (763A0800.ROM) from Lenovo website. I had TPM initialized and BitLocker enabled (which I don't believe to have caused the problem).

After reboot I have the following symptoms:

* All BIOS settings reset (expected)

* In BIOS, cannot change and save any settings. After restart, original settings are in place.

* This includes "boot mode: legacy/UEFI" setting stuck in Legacy, hence it fails to recognize the hard drive and boot.


I tried re-flashing from Windows recovery disk or DOS boot disk, both failing saying "Error erasing memory".


I understand my last resort is to restore BIOS from USB. There're mentions over the internet about this method for AMI BIOS, involving placing a ROM file onto a FAT-formatted USB and pressing the magic buttons when starting up.

This is what i tried and it didnt work:

* pressing Win+B, Control+Home, Home, Fn+R, Fn+B (both on internal and on external keyboard) when powering up
* while having a usb with the ROM as original filename (763A0400.ROM) or AMIBOOT.ROM


Any suggestions I could try? 


Appreciate any help!


PS I can't hand the machine over to service as I'm outside of US.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lavie Z Win10: BIOS corrupted


This is a common problem with Lenovo hardware unfortunately. The BIOS install is error prone, buggy, and often not compatible with drivers. Here's what you gotta do:


(1) Power down the laptop, remove battery and ac adapter. Open your laptop (very very carefully, look up a youtube video if you are not an experiened technician **wear latex gloves **discharge all capacitors, or wait for them to discharge, they can still give you a jolt even if the power is off - they look like little black cyllinders).


(2) Find something that looks like a watch battery (should be under the left palmrest in a z360).


(3) Remove the watch battery, wait about 2 minutes, then put it back in. This will erase all cmos memory except the flash memory portion.


(4) To erase the flash memory, we need to locate the cmos jumper pins. They should be near the watch battery on the motherboard. The motherboard will be printed with CLR_CMOS next to the pins. You will see three, possibly two, little metal pins in a row with a plastic (likely blue) thing connecting pins 1 and 2. Remove the blue thing and move it to pins 2 and 3. Wait 20 seconds, then return the jumper to its original position.

(5) Download BIOS Flash on another computer from: (if it isn't a Z360 change those parameters on the drop down menus.
And save it on usb drive.

(6) Plug it into the damaged computer and power it on. A recovery sequence should begin


(7) If no recovery sequence happens try:

 - changing the jumper to pins 2 and 3 and powering up the computer with the USB in it.


Paper Tape
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Re: Lavie Z Win10: BIOS corrupted

Hi, thanks for the detailed instructions, appreciate that,


The machine in question is Lavie Z HZ750 (, not Ideapad z360. That one is actually a NEC-built one, and perhaps has a different recovery method. Any ideas where I could get any info on it?

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