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What's DOS?
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Lavie Z internal speakers upgrade / replacement? specs ? part #'s?

I have had the lavie z (standard, not tablet) for a few months and considering selling it... 


The internal speaker(s) are simply inadequate.  I realize opening it up it would void warranty, etc. Not worried about that.


Most cell phones have a much better speaker than this. I realize everything in a ultralight laptop is a tradeoff, but this is one area where the design team simply missed the boat and went for the cost cutting or power saving option instead of providing a minimum of functionality.  I'm sure many/most people who have this model would tend to agree.


But before I sell it I wanted to see if I could find the specs of the internal speakers, and try to search out a part that would fit in the space and be plug and play (same or very close power specs), (or "solder and play") but put out significantly more dB.


I am a computer tech and comfotable tearing it down, and not worried about voiding the warranty, as if I am able to fix this issue, plan on keeping it for a long time!


Not interested in carrying around an external speaker (even a small one) any longer!


ANY input very greatly appreciated.  Links to teardowns, schematics, component specs, or anything similar would also help.




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Re: Lavie Z internal speakers upgrade / replacement? specs ? part #'s?

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !


Sorry, I don't have speaker recommendations, but I do have a link to the LaVie's Hardware Maintenance Manual which can be found at the link below.....



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What's DOS?
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Re: Lavie Z internal speakers upgrade / replacement? specs ? part #'s?

For anyone else with the lavie z (or other laptops with "underpowered" speakers, perhaps) I downloaded bongiovi dps (free trial, I most likely will have to upgrade to the paid version which may have more settings/options) and I'm actually very impresed.


For general sound such as movies/youtube, it seems like it is about 2x as loud, on the lavie z...ALMOST to an aceptable level, and acceptable quality without feedback issues.  For music/audio it is maybe 1.5x as loud.


There is definitley a huge noticible difference..


I am going to give bongiovi dps a try for a week or 2 and see if I can live with it.  From my research thus far the speakers unfortunatley do not seem to be any type of common standard size / dimensions, but I have a feeling I will still want to try to do a hardware upgrade if my research shows it is possible!





Thanks for the reply Majestic, I am going to dig into the manual now and see what I can find!



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