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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Flex 15 SSD upgrade problem

Hi Guys,

              I hope you guys doing great. I'm actually new to lenovo forum and this is my first post so apoligies in advance of any typo or error.

             I have lenovo flex 15, its running great with hybrid sshd. i recently purchased kingston ssd (512 gb). I was able to install windows in it successfully but after some usage it got freeze and went into not responding state, i then restarted it and it gave my Disk Read Error at bios time. I tried to install windows 2-3 times again to make sure of windows installation and all went perfect again until it gave the very same error again. since then it sometimes boot perfectly (but after soome usage become unresponsive) or sometime it directly give Disk Read Error. 

            After some research i though the ssd is faulty and i had to buy another one. This time i bought intel ssd 520 series 240gb. Sadly it repeated the very same behaviour again. Like its giving disk ready error most of the time.  After some research i found that i need to change sata mode from IDE to AHCI, and i tried to change it but looks like there is no such option in my laptop Bios menu (not even in advance option). But a guide explaind if you look into IDE ATA Controllers under Device Manager then if it contains AHCI keyword in its name then it means the laptop is running AHCI mode. So i guess i don't need to change it then. Plus my laptop is running SSHD by default which also contains 8gb ssd along with HDD so that means it should be in AHCI mode by default. 


If that so then why my SSD is still not working. Please help i already have wasted almost 7 days on it and i use my laptop for professional purpose and really need that ssd working so to run strong VMs and programs smoothly.


Note: I'm trying to run ssd in place of SSHD.


Thanks In Advance.


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