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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎03-26-2015
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Lenovo Flex 2 14 keyboard typesetting

Hi everybody I am new in this forum. I have a new Flex 2 14 since some days and I am trying to figure out how the keyboard works. I used to work with one Mac and typing characters was pretty easy.. what appears just on the keys ti will be typed when I write. Now with my new  Flex 2 it doesn't seem to work like that anymore. I have some blue keys that work when the keyboard is set as English Canadian multilingual.. others that don't write at all what is written on them.. (example the «» blue key give me the " ù " when i type on it, and I found by chance how to type the " à " character). Yesterday while I was writing an e-mail I needed to type the " ò " but I wasn't able to find the key equivalent on the keyboard so I had to use the touchscreen keyboard to get right my " ò ". Another time I was looking to insert the " [ " brackets but I had to change the language on my keyboard from " English Canadian" to "English US" to get them.Can I make my typing easier? Is there any way to get all the basic symbols on my keyboard without switching language or using the touchscreen keyboard?I would like to make faster writing as I was used to do with my Mac. I looked for instructions but nothing is specified. Thank you for your help

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