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Lenovo Flex 2-D; Lenovo Energy Manager Conservation Mode issues

I've been using conservation mode for my new (1 month) lenovo laptop every time I put the AC adapter in it. I thought that this was going to help me endure my battery life, but in the end I've stacked with the fact, that battery's stamina went much more lower.


For example, I could use my laptop in a battery economy mode/conservation turned off for 5-6 hours, now it barely lasts 3 hrs with the same settings and the same pattern of usage.


Just for record, 21 minute of watching a film costs my battery from 10-20% now, while before it was not an issue at all, I hardly can tell that it drained me more than 5%.


Also, right now, while typing this, I've noticed, that behaviour of my percentage bar is also really strange: first it shows 75%, then, after 5 minutes, it showes 73%, without getting through 74%.


And as a one big plus to that, my battery status says that my battery is normal, just normal, while before it was great or something like that. I find it strange because it is 1 month old notebook, as I mentioned earlyer.


Now I am trying to recalibrate my battery, for the 3d time, hoping it would help me, but I really wish to hear your opinion about that, maybe there is something that I don't know about, something that can help me.


P.S. It is 70% now, gezus


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