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Lenovo Flex 3-1480 wifi connectivity and speed problems

I just purchased the Lenovo Flex 3-1480 yesterday.  So far so good in my initial observation of this 2 in 1 laptop. Except for the wifi. We have the AT&T gigapower speed with the Pace router with 2.4 & 5 ghz wifi dual modes.  I checked with AT&T and they advised that different devices can have different speeds if the hardware or drivers are old or not up-to-date.  AT&T has stated that everyone won't get 1ghz speeds (disclaimer says up to 1ghz).  So, I have another Lenovo 540w laptop that I use for work and it is getting 330 mbps download speeds for the 5ghz wireless and 500+ mbps download when connected with the ethernet cable to the router.

I connected the Flex 3 directly to the router with the ethernet cable and tested at and received 320 mbps download speed.

I went to and ran a test on the wireless and the best I could get is 30 mpbs download speed.  I noticed that the flex 3 would only connect to 2.4ghz.  When I tried to connect with 5ghz, I received and error that it would not connect.  So I searched on the Lenovo website for updated wifi drivers and found newer drivers.  My current driver was for Intel AC-3165 dual band wireless adapter version date 7/29/2015.  I dowloaded and installed version date 9/28/2016, rebooted and saw some improvement. I was finally able to connect to 5ghz mode and the latest speed test was 89 mbps download speed.  

  So I started checking the wireless advanced settings under Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center->click on Wifi <name>. Then click on Properties->Configure->Advanced->Throughput Booster.  Mine was Disabled and I changed it to Enabled and saved the settings. I ran the speedtest again and much better improvement. 195 mbps download 63 mbps upload speeds.  So I will continue to research and tweak these settings until I can improve the speed as much as possible.  Lenovo should optimize these wifi adapter settings before shipping these laptops and continue improving the wifi software from Intel.  

If I was not in the IT biz and computer savy, I probably would not have figured this out as a novice user and would have returned this laptop. I would advise to check your device drivers on the Lenovo support site and ensure you have the latest drivers and bios updates for your laptop. I hope this helps others fix their wifi issues.

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