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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Flex 3 stuck in "Repairing disk errors"

Hi to all!

I have a huge problem:

My laptop started to freeze and not starting apps so I rebooted it (by pressing and keeping down the power button).

Next time it started, when showing the Lenovo logo and the loading spinner it took a lot more than usual, next it showed "Diagnosing your PC" and after a while the screen showed "Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete"... and it's been like 12hours now. Panicking for my files the first thing I did was to download Ubuntu and create an USB bootable image to backup my files, this went OK.

Then, to try to make my laptop to start I've tried, so far:


1) Power the laptop off and press the Novo button which lead me to the Novo Menu and when I choose 'System Recovery' I get a "Onekey recovery partition has damaged so do not lauch the main application" and I get send back to the "repairing disk errors..." screen.


2) Download , from Microsoft, installation media, made a bootable USB to get to the Troubleshoot options which are

- Repair start: when I choose this, nothing happends either, same repairing disk errors screen again

- Try to recover to a previous state: nothing happens even thou I have available recovery points, the computer freezes and nothins happens.

(In case i'm not making myself clear, I took these 2 Microsoft solutions from this post: )


Any other ideas? I'm desperate.



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