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Lenovo Flex 4-1580, New SSD causes system instability

Hi all,


I recently upgraded my Ideapad Flex 4 with a new SSD, and shortly after began noticing random shutdowns, black screens, and failure to POST (it looked as though the BIOS had failed to initialize entirely, as the screen/keyboard backlights did not turn on). These symptoms often happened after the laptop incurred some form of shock, IE: picking the laptop up, setting it down, opening/closing the screen, or even simply tapping lightly on the keyboard or chasis. However, if the laptop were left completely undisturbed, these symptoms would not occur often.


I tried literally everything I could imagine short of buying a new motherboard. I reseated (and then replaced) the RAM, I removed the batteries and let it sit overnight, I even tried flashing a new BIOS rom. After all that, I switched the SSD with the original HDD, and it works fine now (actually a little better, because the embedded controller had needed resetting for a while, but I hadn't gotten around to it until then).


I wasn't aware that a simple SATA SSD could cause a laptop to fail to POST. As this happened several times over a couple of days, is there any chance of long-term damage to the MOBO/BIOS i should watch out for?

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