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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Flex 5 1470 Docking Station

Any one using a docking station for Lenovo Flex 5 1470 ? If so which model. I need to connect 2 external LCD and the USB-C port looks like data only so displaylink type of devices will not work.


Also what is the difference between USB 3 and USB-C Data only , speed, 5 Gbs vs 10 Gbs






Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Flex 5 1470 Docking Station

I called Lenovo sales support and the guy said their compatibility list doesn't list any compatible docks for this model. Of course he also said that any of their USB docks "should" work with it, despite not knowing that the USB-C port is data only. He transferred me to tech support, but the system said I have to go to the web site for this line of laptops.
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Flex 5 1470 Docking Station

I actually have the the Flex 5 1570 laptop.  15".  I went ahead and ordered the Lenovo Universal Doc USB-C dock based on the recommendationb of TWO different Lenovo sales reps on the chat line.  I also wanted to run two external monitors using the dock's two Display Ports.  It would NOT work no matter what I tried.  I called Lenovo technical support who connected remotely to my laptop.  They confirmed that the USB-C port on my laptop does NOT support video transfer out to the dock, and on to the external monitors.  a HUGE dissapointment!!! 


You buy a system in 2017 advertising USB-C support and you buy it.  But wait, you have to go and read the manual first before buying to notice that little blurp saying it is for "data transfer" only.  Not in the sales literature.  What do you call that?  I know what I would call it!!

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