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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Flex Won't Wake Up

My Lenovo Flex won't respond at all when I try to wake it up from sleep mode. I've tried to unplug it and hold the power button down for 30 seconds, but the light just keeps flashing. It's been unplugged all day, so to help battery should be really low, but it's not turning off. Any ideas or suggestions on what to do? I go back to classes soon and I need it for my classes, so I really need it up and running asap.

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Re: Lenovo Flex Won't Wake Up

This seems to be a widespread issue with Lenovo laptops for a very long time, but there appears to be very little effort being taken by Lenovo support to provide its customers with the solution, or a document with the steps to resolve the issue.


Holding the power button down for 30 seconds should (on nearly all laptops and desktop computers) forces a hard power off, but apparently that does not work on Lenovo Laptops when they gets stuck in this state.


From what I can gather from various forums on the Internet, the only way to get the system booting again, sort of waiting until the battery dies, is to remove the rear cover, and unplug the battery, wait a minute or so, and and then pug it back in.   Some users also report that updating the video driver, and perhaps the BIOS, will resolve the issue, but Lenovo Support has chosen to remain silent (publicly anyway) on which one, if any, is an actual fix on any of the many forum posts regarding the error, which leads me to believe that they haven't a clue.


You do not mention what exact model of Flex you have, so I cannot point you too any of the instructions online on how to remove your cover and unplug the battery, so you might post the model number (not the serial number) in the forum,  or open a ticket with Lenovo Support, although I sounds like their phone support has not been too much help for others.



Good Luck,

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Flex Won't Wake Up

Thanks for the input!


I unfortunately don't know what Lenovo Flex I got. I think it's the 2-15 model, but I really can't say without looking at the page that I bookmarked on my computer when I first got it.


I've left it unplugged for about two days now, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's ever going to shut off in whatever state it's in? It doesn't seem like it's going to before I need it, since I have some school things I need to figure out starting Saturday that I just can't do on my phone.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Flex Won't Wake Up



Any luck with this? This is the EXACT problem I had with my Flex 3. I had it looked at and when the hard drive was removed, it booted up fine. Now the hard drive is showing no signs of life when in an enclosure so it's pooched and I'd have to pay to get it stared up enough to get my files off of it. 


Good luck pal, keep me posted how it goes. I hope your problem is easier fixed than mine.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Flex Won't Wake Up

I had to take mine apart and remove the battery and put it back in.


I had someone with more experience check it out and I was basically told to never put it in sleep mode and be ready to replace the battery and eventually the computer itself.


I guess it's a good thing I was building a gaming desktop on the side, because it looks like that's where I will be moving everything that's on my laptop to once it's finished.

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Re: Lenovo Flex Won't Wake Up

This bypass worked for my Lenivi Flex 14:
I just don't let it go to sleep.

little battery sign on the tasklist at the bottom-> battery settings->power and sleep settings->additional power settings->Choose what closing the lid does->When I close the lid-> DOn Nothing

Make sure to turn it off when you want to save power, cause it won't sleep anymore

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Flex Won't Wake Up

My Flex10 also got this problem before. I set in power options >> advance setting >> select allow hybridge sleep to be "on". Then hit any key to wake up from sleep.

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