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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo IDEAPAD 700 15ISK igdkmd64.sys blue screen error not solving..

I bought the Ideapad 700 15ISK (Sr. No: ********) on 25th of JUN 2016 (4299 AED) from Dubai UAE instead of DELL, HP and other brands, that was latest machine with high specification. After 2 week usage I faced that igdkmd64.sys error, so I installed graphic driver according to the Lenovo forum solved solution but nothing happened.

Then, I 1st time claimed warranty. Still error happened even bios, drivers, window everything newly installed.

Then 2nd time I claimed warranty, nothing will changed error still on his place, installed, reinstalled graphic driver my own self and even from service centre.

I am having a strong desire to kiss the intoxicated Lenovo enginners who design this ideapad.

Lenovo IDEAPAD 700 15ISK cheapest product with genie company defective model which didn't support the Intel graphic driver, how irresponsible Lenovo Company’s engineers are? Even you can’t run laptop for normal usage, window crash again and again like virus.

One important thing, if you reinstalled old graphic driver, then 7 salute to Microsoft Window 10 blunder, we can’t stop window 10 to update the graphic driver, window automaticity update the driver and error happened like a virus.


Wastage of time and money, I never again buy this Lenovo cheap quality product or never recommend to any of my friend to buy the Lenovo products. Lenovo comapny waste my entire year to claiming warrantyof this defective model cheap Idea pad with high cost.


Mod's Edit: Serial number removed from public view to protect owner from its unwanted use.


Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo IDEAPAD 700 15ISK igdkmd64.sys blue screen error not solving..

Well I cannot tell from your post exactly what steps you have already tried, so I will not waste my time trying to rehash all the potential fixes as you seem to be able to search the forums, but I can tell you that the error you are seeing is not unique to Lenovo, but rather an issue between Intel and Microsoft Windows that affects many brands of computers, including clones.

If you cannot find a solution on the Lenovo forums, search for the same error in Google and you will find the same error on Dell and HP forums too, but from what I have found, it requires a matched set of both Intel and NVidia drivers that work well together to resolve the issue, so make sure that you have the latest available for both from Lenovo.


The document below details how to block Windows 10 from automatically updating drivers (see "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter package now. section.)


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo IDEAPAD 700 15ISK igdkmd64.sys blue screen error not solving..

Thank you very much for your reply and time.

Please give me an email of levono complain centre.

I am really tired and distrubted because of this problem, intel and microsoft are not supporting to each others, then how the lenovo engineer lunch the product to market with out test performance ? You can not run window in the model, and why not they recalled the defective model ???

I pay money for laptop and there is nothing.

My time and money is watse not because of intel and micdosoft but lenovo engineers are responsible... 




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