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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎10-16-2017
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Lenovo Idea Centre 300S-11BR Not Booting UP

I purchased an Idea Centre 300S-11BR in May of 2016.  It ran fine for about 7 months, but died in December of 2016.  I could here it cycling to restart, but it would do so for 5 seconds, stop and then try again.   The repair was covered under warranty (1 year from date of purchase).  Lenovo sent someone out to replace the motherboard.  Computer worked fine.


Fast forward another 11 months and the computer died again.  Same exact symptoms and problem. I would bet that the motherboard is the issue, again.


Lenovo has said they will not service the computer as it is now 1 year out of warranty.  However, I believe that there was a defective part.  And the replacement part was 11 months old when it, too failed.


I would be willing to pay for a lenovo support person to come on site to determine if the motherboard is defective.  If not, I would be willing to pay lenovo for the service.  Lenovo warranty said they were escalating this to the customer support folks and that I would hear something bacy by 10/13/2017.  It is now 10/16/2017 and i have heard nothing.


Anyone else having issues with this desktop?  Any suggestionis about receiving warranty service?

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