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Lenovo IdeaPad 100 - Wont turn on. But battery light is working.



So the other day my son came to me explaining his laptop had a distorted desktop background image. I thought it may just be sdoftware related and tried refreshing the image I then tried restarting which cured the issue. A few days later (today) his laptop shut down and would'nt power back on. I switch the psu block and tried it again in another room and it came on. I then gave it back to him thinking it must have over heated or something (just installed league of legends for him Smiley Happy ). Anyway it decided to shut down again and hasnt turn back on since. 



The battery light is on when the psu is attached.

When the power button is pressed the light next to the battery light flicks once as does the light on the diosplay next to the camera and it twitches foe half a sec then goes off.


Ive tried the 15 sec power button hold trick, Ive opend it and unplugged and tested ram, wifi,cd and hd. 

Also unplugged to cmos battery for 15 mins.

Despite all the above she wont turn on and suggestions would be great as this is the first problem we've had with it.


thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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