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Lenovo IdeaPad 520 (or similar) touchpad quality concerns



I’ve recently bought Lenovo Ideapad 520, with which I am very satisfied, it has a nice built quality and it works very well, but I have some concern regarding its touchpad. If I compare it with the touchpad on my old Asus laptop, Lenovo touchpad is step-down, when it comes to quality and overall feeling whilst using it.


When I press down on the touchpad to click, there is a slight gap, about a millimeter, before it activates a click, this gap is noticeable when I am taping or scrolling on touchpad because it produces a sound, some kind of rumble, which is really noticeable in quiet environments, like the library, and it has become a little annoying, if I'm honest. It seems like touchpad is not fixed to the housing and is a little loose, also I have a feeling that clicking is not uniform on the whole surface.


Now my question is, is this normal and expected behavior of Lenovo touchpads, or did I get a faulty/bad quality touchpad? I tried contacting local Lenovo service and they cannot verify if there is something wrong with my unit, unless I send it to them, which I currently cannot do, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve found this video from someone having a similar issue, but on a Dell laptop:



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