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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Idealpad 330 81DE 15.6 Display

Please help, im buying this laptop tomorrow but just wanted to check a few things as i cant find it anywhere in the product specifations from the hardware shop im buying it from......


  • The machine says it comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, is this 64 bit?
  • It comes with 8gb Ram, in the future i want to upgrade to 12gb or 16gb, is this possible on this machine and is there more than one slot to fit the extra ram stick

Many thanks :-)

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Idealpad 330 81DE 15.6 Display

It will be win 10 64 bit.


For a 330-15IKBR 81DE,  your memory spec:


16GB max / 2133MHz DDR4, dual-channel capable,

optional 4GB memory soldered to systemboard,

one DDR4 SO-DIMM socket





You have 4GB soldered and 4GB in the socket.

You can take out 4GB in socket, add 8GB to socket, thus 12GB max.


16GB max is 0 soldered and 16GB in socket.  This config is rare.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Idealpad 330 81DE 15.6 Display

Thank you, very helpful :-)
What's DOS?
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Lenovo Idealpad 330 81DE 15.6 Display driver not match

Dear, bought computer new:
330-15IKB (Type 81DE) Laptop (Ideapad)

I have problems installing graphics drivers.
allegedly that laptop has an Intel HD Graphics 610/620 and
additional NVIDIA GeForce MX 150 (2GB)
but for two days I've been trying to find a display driver for nvidia on the official nvidia and lenovo websites but it always shows me the error that these drivers do not match the hardware I have.
Then I found a leaflet attached and I doubt that traders and Lenovo are cheating on me because they are advertised
with the product of a specification, and in fact that hardwere is not or is lower.
So there is no NVIDIA GeForce MX 150 but only 15IKBR series at 330-15IKB below.
Or if there is then the NVIDIA GeForce MX 130 is a much cheaper version of the laptop.
Now I'm wondering if you can send me a link to a graphics card driver from that laptop or am I deceived?
Installed windows 7 -64bit.
bios: grapic device: discrete - to see both chips and even on the device manager i have 2 chips presented except vga intel graphics
Thank you in advance

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Idealpad 330 81DE 15.6 Display driver not match

@Jana-uni wrote:

I bought computer new: 330-15IKB (Type 81DE) ... I have problems installing graphics drivers ... Installed windows 7 -64bit.

I think that your problem is due to the fact that you have installed Windows 7 on a laptop that has an Intel Kaby Lake processor (7th generation processor).  Microsoft, Intel, AMD, and other major manufacturers are refusing to provide any drivers for Windows 7 on systems that have Kaby Lake or more-recent processors.


Have you tried installing Windows 10 as a test?  You can download a free copy of Windows 10 from the Microsoft web site, install it (without activating it), and use it for 30 days before it will deactivate itself.  I suspect that Windows 10 will solve your problem with the graphics drivers.


If you don't like Windows 10, or you already have a Windows 7 licence and don't wish to purchase a Windows 10 licence, you may be able to fool the driver install procedure into accepting one of the existing drivers.  The driver's ".inf" file contains a list of the operating systems on which that version of the driver will run.  If you add the correct information for Windows 7, you may find that the driver will work.  You should use a search engine to find instructions on how to do this.


Another alternative is to use Linux; there are many distributions available.  I understand that Linux Mint is a distribution that is very similar to Windows.


The final alternative is to sell your Kaby Lake laptop, and buy a laptop that has the preceding generation of Intel processor, namely Sky Lake.  All of the manufacturers support Windows 7 on Sky Lake (that is what I am using).


-- from CyberSimian in the UK

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