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Lenovo Ideapad 305 15 IBY: Switchable graphics with Win 10?

Hello dear community,


recently I bought myself a Lenovo ideapad 305. Mainly for office purposes, however the fact that it has a Nvidia 820m as a secondary graphics card is a nice feature, since I like to play games from time to time. Since my games aren't the most demanding either, they work just fine as long as I use the 820m on it. They do lag considerably using the Intel Graphics Card.


So, the thing is, I am considering whether to upgrade to Windows 10, and one central question is: Will the switchable graphics work?


You know, my parents taught me to "ALWAYS have the latest drivers on your computer!" so earlier today I went ahead and downloaded the latest driver for the 820m from the nvidia website. Unfortunately, my parents hadn't told me that that's not how it works with hybrid graphic pcs. Apparently if you have two graphics card in one pc only the drivers from the manufacturer will work. That explains why my game suddenly started lagging after the driver update (even THOUGH I had it set to use the nvidia card on the nvidia control panel). I went back to the original driver via the onekey recovery partition now, and it works fine just like before.


HOWEVER that means I would need a driver directly from Lenovo that makes this switchable thing work under Windows 10. Is there? If so, does it work? Any experiences?


I need to decide this rather quickly, what with work and also the free upgrade period ending rather soon.


Thanks a lot in advance!




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