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Lenovo Ideapad 510-15IKB, can I add a SSD?

Almost a year ago I bought the Lenovo Ideapad 510-15IKB with just an HDD and a DVD-drive.

Now I want to upgrade my notebook with an SSD.


Can I add a SSD into my system without removing the DVD-drive?

And if no, is there any guide how to replace the DVD-drive with the SSD?

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad 510-15IKB, can I add a SSD?

Your system does not have a M.2 slot available to install a M.2  SSD, so your best bet would be to install a SSD in the place of your existing HDD , and move your HDD to a HDD caddy in place of the CD/DVD drive and use it as a storage drive, the reason being that you want to boot from the SSD, and still have the option of removing storage drive should you want to use CD/DVD drive.


To do so, you would need to get a 2.5" SATA SSD that matches or exceeds the size of your current HDD and clone your HDD to the SSD.    Once the cloning is complete, you can mount your existing HDD in the caddy and use it as a storage drive.


Note:   Most sellers of SSD's include cloning software with the drive, and most cloning software allows you to shrink the current HDD volume down to a smaller SSD as long as the total data size of your existing HDD does not exceed the formatted size of the SSD, so make sure to check on that.


There are several available HDD caddys available for your model, so do some research, but one example would be this one I found on Amazon.


Depending on the size (thickness) of the original HDD (7mm or 9.5mm) you may need an adapter to mount the SSD securely (most are 7mm thick) but that too is often provided for free when you purchase the SSD, but still make sure when you buy it.


Upgrading your boot drive to a SSD will certainly breath new life into an older laptop, although I would also max out the RAM to 8GB too.





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