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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo Ideapad 510s Maximum Supported Memory

Looking into buying the Lenovo Ideapad 510s, I see "Up to 8GB" listed as supported memory. However, I've done some research and some Lenovo laptops, while they also only support 8GB of memory officially, can be and have been safely upgraded to 16 GB of RAM.


My question is: Is this true of the 510s? The CPU specifications page from Intel for the 6200U/6500U both say 16 GB is no problem, and Crucial even has a 16GB dimm listed as "guaranteed compatible" for this model--I'm not sure, though, if this means it will work but only recognize 8 GB or if 16 GB is truly Ok.


Is there any reason 16 GB could not be used? Perhaps some motherboard memory controller limitation? I would love to have some input on this before deciding on whether or not to purchase this laptop. Thanks!

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Ideapad 510s Maximum Supported Memory

If you start here:


and type in the model number for the model that you are thinking of buying (you don't need to log in), you should be able to find the manuals for that model ("User Guide" and "Hardware Mantenance Manual").  One or other of those manuals should tell you what memory is compatible, and how much can be installed.  Some models of laptop have only one memory slot (the other memory module is soldered onto the motherboard, and so cannot be replaced).


-- from CyberSimian in the UK

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Ideapad 510s Maximum Supported Memory



I can confirm this laptop works more than fine with a 16Gb module.


I trusted the compatibility list on Crucial website and went for one of theirs and everything is fine since. At least the laptop is running smoothly and Windows recognized the ram at once. I didn't go for futher testing though, as to verify if the memory is used at full capacity/perfomance.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Ideapad 510s Maximum Supported Memory

Did you know if that module was single channel or dual channel. I believe Crucial only showed dual-channel 16 GB modules but I've seen other manufacturers selling single channel 16 GB modules. I tried an 8 GB dual channel module by Crucial which was on their compatibility list and it wouldn't post. Can anyone confirm whether the 8 GB module preinstalled is single or dual channel? I have a suspicion it is single but perhaps the issue is with the speed or timings? Perhaps a 2133 MHz instead of a 2400 MHz module would work, regardless if its dual channel?

Ideapad 510S-14IKB (80UV001BUS)

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