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Lenovo Ideapad 520 OKO battery problem

Hello guys,

Yesterday the laptop asked me to do a calibration for it but the problem is every time I press calibrate the laptop starts it and it shows that it's working in the OKO but it suddenly stops and shows me the battery health and the battery health just decreases like hell

first it was 98% then 99% then suddenly out of nowhere it became 88% and now it's 79% so this happens after each time the calibration fails to complete

and just to say it restarted on it's own 2 times maybe. and when it finished restarting the calibration is not working so I had to start it all over.


so did this program mess up my battery life span or what ? and yesterday I left it to calibrate for a last chance and it took 6 hours and it's still calibrating with no answer or estimated time ?

can anyone help me ?


And I tried to get a battery report for my laptop from CMD and it shows what the program showed me the battery health decreased super fast for no reason help me please.


I have uploaded a Picture of the calibration in OKO just to help

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